About Me

My name is Chrissy, and this blog will follow my journey to open a small sprouted grain foods company, Sprout Out Loud.

The catch is, that I don’t actually know a lot about blogging, business, or sprouted grains. But what I do have is a passion for food, health, and education on the subject. I have experience with marketing and social media, as well as an understanding of the natural foods industry. Beyond that, I’m ambitious as all hell. I’ve cleared my schedule to focus on this endeavor full-time, and hope to be able to offer a sprouted grain foods product by the time Spring farmer’s markets come around.

So, by blogging about my journey, I plan to collect all my thoughts and keep motivation to move forward on this entrepreneurial endeavor. I’ll be deeply researching areas that I don’t have the right knowledge in, which will also help me connect to others in this field. I hope that by keeping track of my progress (and setbacks!) it might provide motivation for others to begin their own endeavors, whether towards business or health.

Personally, I have changed my life 180 degrees through the incorporation of a healthy, vegan diet and consistent exercise. I lost 80 pounds, but that wasn’t even close to the most important change I experienced. I now have this insatiable passion to continue learning and spread the news about food – healthy, wholesome plant foods. Check out more about my weight loss journey at I Used to be Fat(ter).

Thanks for reading!


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way professionally trained or certified in nutrition. The information presented in this blog is not intended to take the place of nutritional guidance from a professional. The knowledge I present has been collected through casual research over time, and much of it is just my own deductions and ramblings. 🙂



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