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What’s the plan, Stan?

Today marks the beginning of my path to launching a small sprouted grain baking operation (sounds like a big word, trust me – it’s going to be very small). The catch is that right now I don’t know much about running a business, I don’t know much about making sprouted grain baked goods from scratch, and I really don’t know all that much about blogging. So as time goes on, and I move towards my goal, I’ll be sharing the learning experience, both progress and setbacks. I’ll be keeping a blog to detail what I learn and how my recipes develop and change to result in a wholesome, healthy sprouted grain food (starting first with loaves – banana bread, anyone?), hopefully to be ready to sell by Spring/Summer 2012.

I suppose I would like to start considering myself a “lifestyle entrepreneur” – from Wikipedia: “A lifestyle entrepreneur places passion before profit when launching a business in order to combine personal interests and talent with the ability to earn a living.”  Then there is the “social” entrepreneur being someone who is interested in increasing social value by improving goods/services to their community. It mentions that a lot of social entrepreneurs are a non-profit set up. My operation will obviously not be non-profit at this time, as I’m going to be doing this to make a living, but I do have social improvement in mind. I hope to not only offer delicious, healthy food options to those “in-the-know” of sprouted grains, but hopefully create interest in living foods by teaching people the benefits and showing how freakin’ good they can taste. Along the way, I plan on incorporating a little bit of my own story of health and well-being. (Check out my other blog: I Used to be Fatter.) I hope that my food and my story together can at least inspire or interest a few others…

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